PSA Nitrogen & Oxygen Generators

Based on working principle of Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology, these Generators are designed for a long lifetime of reliable operation. Our oxygen generator is perfect for applications such as ozone production, wastewater treatment, health care, glass industry, etc.

PetroTech offers a variety of PSA generators in wide range of sizes and configurations to produce nitrogen with residual oxygen content from 10 ppm to 3.0 vol. % with oxygen purity between 90 - 95%:

Modular PSA Generators

Simple, compact and reliable PSA generators, Easy to install and suitable for immediate production after start-up, you only need a supply of dry compressed air.

Twin-Tower PSA Oxygen Generators

Heavy-duty and Rugged design, PSA generation units, ideal solution where larger oxygen consumptions apply. Built to last for years of trouble-free continuous heavy-duty operation at low operational costs.

Special PSA Generator Packages

Specially designed and custom-engineered Nitrogen & Oxygen Generators packages installed either on a single skid or inside an ISO freight container for continuous heavy-duty operation.

PSA Generators Range




Flow Capacity /Outlet (Nm³/hr)

2-2800 Nm³/h

3-250 Nm³/h

Gas Discharge Pressure (bar)

8 barG

5 barG

Dew point

      -40 °C

-60 °C




  • For the requirement beyond above range, please contact PetroTech applications team.
  • The data indicated above are preliminary and may change based on the system manufacturer.