Membrane Nitrogen Generators

Based on working principle of membrane air separation, the Nitrogen Generator is designed for a long lifetime of reliable operation. The membrane allows nitrogen to pass and other gases (like oxygen, water vapor and CO2) to permeate. These features make our gas generation system ideal for applications such as fire prevention, tire inflation, oil & gas, marine, packaging etc.

PetroTech offers a variety of Nitrogen Generators in wide range of sizes and configurations to provide reliable and economical operation while delivering purest of Nitrogen:

Cabinet or Skidded Membrane Nitrogen Generators

Simple, compact and reliable industrial nitrogen generators, mounted inside a cabinet or on a skid. Easy to install and suitable for immediate nitrogen production after start-up

Nitrogen Production Units (NPU)

Heavy-duty, mobile membrane nitrogen generation units installed inside ISO freight containers. Rugged design, fast mobilization and installation. Ideal for oilfield and mining nitrogen services.

Special Membrane Nitrogen Generation Packages

Specially designed and custom-engineered membrane nitrogen generation packages. When details make the difference

Membrane Nitrogen Generators Range



Flow Capacity /Outlet (Nm³/hr)

5-7000 Nm³/h

Gas Discharge Pressure (bar)

12-22 barG

Dew point

-60 °C



  • For the requirement beyond above range, please contact PetroTech applications team.
  • The data indicated above are preliminary and may change based on the system manufacturer.