Industrial Fans

PetroTech supplies comprehensive product line of custom and standard industrial fans known for trouble-free performance and consistent quality under duties for diverse applications. These include:

  • Swing-out Designs
  • Fiberglass High Pressure
  • DWDI Ventilation
  • Combustion Air
  • Plug Fans
  • Axial

High Heat Application Fans

PetroTech have abilities to supply fans for high heat applications. This includes fan applications of 1000 degrees (C) or more with vibration tolerance of 0.05” per second. Typical high heat fan applications include:

  • Recirculate air in furnaces, ovens, kilns, and dryers
  • Exhaust fumes and gases from industrial processes
  • Supply air for heating and drying systems
  • Centrifugal Fans Range

    Flow Capacity (m³/hr)

    20-25,000 m3/hr

    Pressure (bar)

    1 kpaG -30 kpaG

    • For Blowers beyond above range, please contact PetroTech applications team.
    • The data indicated above are preliminary and may change based on the compressor block manufacturer.