Refrigerated Air Dryers

Air quality can have a significant impact on compressed air systems. Properly treated compressed air, and the right air dryer, will improve productivity, system efficiency, and product or process quality.

Based on direct expansion technology with cycling, non-cycling and Variable Speed variants, our refrigerated dryers will deliver a consistent pressure dew point of 38°F to 50°F (3°C to 10°C).

PetroTech offers a variety of Refrigerated Air Dryers in wide range of sizes and options to provide reliable and economical operation while delivering moisture free air:

Refrigerated Air Dryers Range

Flow Capacity (m³/h)       : 15 – 15,000m³/h
Working Pressure (bar)    : 12 - 14 bar
Dew Point                             : 3°C


  • Air & Water /Sea Water Cooled Variants
  • High Inlet Temperature
  • High Pressure Dryers (40 Bar)