Breathing Air Purifiers

High quality air is of vital importance to many industries but even more so in breathing air applications. Typical Industrial air compressors are not designed, intended, or approved for breathing air. Compressed air should not be used for breathing air applications unless treated in accordance with all applicable codes and regulations.

PetroTech supplies breathing air purifiers that are designed to offer protection against a range of contaminants that may be present in a compressed air fed breathing air system. These include fumes, oil, vapors, gases, solid particles and micro-organisms. Complying with International Breathing Air standards, our breathing air purifier range assures a safe working environment in a wide range of applications.

Breathing Air Purifiers Range

Flow Capacity (l/s) :            5 – 150l/s
Working Pressure (bar) :    7 - 12bar


  • In compliance to international regulations & standards