Air & Gas After-Coolers

Through the compression process, the Air or Gas becomes hot – too hot for standard filtration. The end result is poor product quality. We can alleviate this problem with the Air-cooled OR Water-cooled After coolers & Intercoolers.

Our after-coolers, whether for Air or Gas application are reliable, require minimum maintenance and provide trouble-free protection against the costly effects of condensates in your system.

PetroTech offers a variety of After coolers & Intercoolers in wide range of sizes and options to provide reliable and economical operation while delivering moisture free air or gas:

After-Coolers Range


FlowCapacity(m³/h)         :2–6,000m³/h
Working Pressure (bar)       : 10 - 20 bar


  • Air & Water / Sea Water Cooled Variants.
  • Pneumatic motor drive.
  • High operating parameters.
  • Critical gas applications.